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MBraun glove box - deposition unit and encapsulation chamber

Deposition chamber

Deposition chamber with dual sputter head, dual thermal evaporator, and dual organic evaporator capabilities

Sputter deposition

Sputter deposition (close up)

Thermal evaporation deposition

1st generation mask assembly

single layer, Indium Tin Oxide (ITO) anode

- layer evaluation experiment

2nd generation mask fixture

with slide-in/slide-out change capability

unencapsulated OLED device

Decorative light concept with OLED filament

60 watt equivalent OLED replacement bulb concept

using modular "blade" element design

120 watt equivalent OLED replacement bulb prototype

using modular "X" blade configuration

Various configurations of standard OLED replacement bulbs

The modular "blade" concept allows OLED deposition on the flat surface of the blade which, depending upon the application, can be combined in an X fashion to double the output.  Thus serving at least two applications with one design.

Conceptual layout of pilot manufacturing line

for BE-OLED development

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