Red Bank Technologies

Worked in Korea with manufacturing partner to prototype next generation OLED technology with output performance of over 300 lumens/watt


One of the primary contributors on a team that developed a ballistic fiber in excess of 100 gram/denier, beating the industry’s best by 3x

Convenience Inc.

Designed several multi-piece consumer products and their packaging, and sourced manufacturers overseas for volume production


Changed the design of Spectra composite armor explosion isolation air cargo container reducing weight and improving blast containment by 30% · Revised a chemical batch mixing protocol which reduced ready time from 3 hours to 20 minutes · Created a capability to automate the design of LCD display fixtures, driving down development time by 90%

Northrop Grumman

Established a procedure for automated replacement of out-of-date, obsolete, or incorrect assembly objects in CAD models, increasing Engineering rework effectiveness by as much as 95%

General Dynamics

Implemented a solution to verify content of engineering design models and ensure adherence to corporate standards eliminating the need for an entire secondary operation

FMC/United Defense

Instituted Best Practices for the Crusader programs engineering deliverables which reduced multi-sheet drawing retrieval time by 85%

Boydston Metal Works

Optimized the design and manufacturing process for automobile transport trailers, generating enough leftover material to build 25% more units at the same cost


Offered a cost saving solution to a Panasonic customer which involved outsourcing a product sub-assembly to another Panasonic customer, increasing our component count and creating a corresponding 300% sales increase


Created an automated process to simulate the deployment of 4 different flap mechanisms for the C17 High Wing Transport and output data formatted for CFD analysis; reducing the amount of personnel necessary to generate the analysis data from 2 to 1 and won the sales contract at that facility


Defined a process for the FastHawk missile program to exchange data between dissimilar CAD environments while maintaining individual model integrity, significantly reducing time while increasing accuracy of interoperability evaluations

Westt Manufacturing

Established process for routing cables and piping lines on a 60 inch LCD transfer chamber where space limitations were stifling progress

Cisco Systems

Defined a process to exchange ECAD data between electrical CAD environment and mechanical CAD environment resulting in 3D, component populated circuit board representations streamlining a previously cumbersome and error prone process

Optimal Impact Consulting

Created a desktop application for engineers which was distributed for free, giving persistent visibility to existing and future customers · Implemented a program whereby on-site consultants would receive a profit share stake in newly placed consultants, resulting in the doubling of the firm’s size each year for two consecutive years

Studio M

Devised a viral marketing campaign to rapidly increase client base by providing in-home Botox parties, offering a free treatment for the host · Employed a “free” sales force by leveraging hair salons to distribute discount coupons in exchange for free treatments · Devised a marketing strategy to erect a barrier to entry and minimize the impact of future competition, by offering the same product through three different branded lines

"Don't let perfection become the enemy of good enough"





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