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Consumer Products

Medi-Tote was a product designed, including packaging and outsourced to manufacturers in Asia.  Blister form packaging was selected over an open POS (Point of Sale) box to create buyer confidence for cleanliness, and perception of quality.  I was responsible for delivering the entire product.

Front and back image of the Medi-Tote product packaging.  It was an imperative for the packaging graphics to convey:

  • How to use the product

  • What the product is for

  • Why to use the product

  • Product advantages

The product was offered in an array of metallic muted tones

for broadest customer appeal.

A quality issue arose with the manufacturers plating process whereby the method of fixturing was leaving visible defects.  The wire hanger solution was offered to eliminate the introduction of these defects while maintaining a conductive path for plating.

The wire hanger tree enabled high-density mounting

within the manufacturers space constraints.

While the retail packaged Medi-Tote product line targeted retail chains, a second product line was initiated with a shorter time to market using off-the-shelf products offered by the manufacturer.  These were imprinted with logos and targeted the promotional market.  Healthclub chains and Vitamin companies, such as Herbal Life and LA Fitness, were targeted.


A partnership was established with a candy manufacturer to incorporate mint candies.  This expanded the promotional reach to hotel chains and rental car chains where advertising a phone number, in addition to their logo, gave the brand "persistent visibility and availability" to customers.

Medi-Tote Lite was developed to expand the keychain pill holder product line.  The product used an LED bulb with a slim profile, watch type battery, housing the entire flashlight system within the first half inch of the unit.  The on/off was achieved by rotating the flashlight head, leaving the rest of the body available for storage.

The Guardian Dart Board Cabinet was designed for retail distribution at department store chains such as Sears and JC Penny as well as sporting goods chains.

The MaxMuscle shaker container was created for the nutrition retail chain MaxMuscle.  The retailer wanted a product to:

  • Promote the brand

  • Have utility

  • Be differentiated

Unlike other shaker containers it was double walled aluminum, offering a thermal barrier - it would keep contents hot or cold.  The product was designed to resemble the shape of a barbell.  The bottom cap was removable and provided storage for supplements, money, keys, or a half cup of protein powder.

Logo created for lifestyle products company

Custom clam-shell packaging for a sleep mask product.  The packaging utilized a custom solid black background with a ghost printing of "Sweet Dreams" in four different languages.

Logo created for consumer products company

Ad for Medi Spa.  Ad was run in local publications as well as hand-outs at local beauty salons.  Referral rewards of free treatments were offered with high degree of success.  At home Botox parties were conducted with the host receiving a free treatment for signing up a minimum number of clients.  The program was highly successful.

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